Mindfulness Masterclass with Alocasia

The longer you look, the more you see on this fabulous plant

The best-known mindfulness exercise is the one where you study a plastic coffee cup down to the smallest ridges. But the ridges on Alocasia are considerably more varied and perfect for immersing yourself in! 

Mindfulness is one of the few alternative relaxation techniques whose effect has been scientifically proven. By doing something with attention in the here and now, unpleasant things such as stress, pain and negative feelings are reduced. Mindfulness increases your flexibility, adaptability, well-being and stability. It lowers your blood pressure, improves your memory and is effective in reducing burnout symptoms. Reason enough to integrate mindfulness into your life! 

Alocasia mindfulness | thejoyofplants.co.uk

One-on-one with Alocasia 

Alocasia, also known as elephant ear, is a real eye-catcher with its tropical appearance. With its beautiful green leaves and vintage vibe, the plant is also part of this season's Trend Collection. In short, she is the perfect candidate for a mindfulness practice. Immerse yourself in its beauty and discover what mindfulness can do for you! Follow the steps below and experience the peace that this exercise gives you.

  1. Sit down calmly opposite the Alocasia, and breathe in and out deeply. 
  2. Take your time to study the beautiful smooth stems: what colour are they, do they have a pattern? 
  3. There’s probably a young shoot on your plant: try to visualise how it’s currently still rolled up, but will later unfold into a beautiful leaf. 
  4. Then focus on the leaf and the veins. And how the large veins subdivide into smaller branches. Large Alocasia specimens even have leaves like spreading fans.  
  5. Take the time to focus on the plant for as long as you like. The longer you look, the more you see! Keep breathing in and out well. Feel how your body and mind relax.
  6. ​Part of this destressing one-on-one session is to spray the leaves, both the top and the bottom. You can also wipe them down with a damp cloth. It gives your plant a boost, and you a calming ritual: the best time is now. 


You want to keep that relaxed feeling as long as possible. You can do this, for example, by enjoying some delicious Primula pancakes, a green indoor border or a natural eye-catcher such as palm grass. Capture your relaxed feeling and share it with us via Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #thejoyofplants.