Indoor landscaping with plants

Bring the outdoors in
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When you furnish your home, the first thing that comes to mind is probably furniture, window coverings and lighting. But why not start with greenery? Style your interior around plants and experience the relaxing feeling it gives you. Be inspired and create a green oasis in your home in keeping with the current style trend. Can you feel the natural energy?

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Indoor border

We usually see a border outside, but have you ever thought of an indoor border?  This will bring the real outdoor feeling inside, improve air quality and create an instant feel-good feeling. How about a green border in your home office, next to your kitchen island or as a room divider in the living room? 

Whether you keep it small or opt for lush and grand: the choice is yours. For a playful look, choose bunches of (dried) plants of different heights. Coordinate the colours well, and use natural shades for that real Balanced Biotope feeling. Which plants you use is of course entirely up to you. In the example above, we have used plants such as Cambrias, Papyrus, Strelizia and Monstera.

*Tip: for best results, keep companion planting in mind. Match the choice of your plants to their needs (water, light etc.). 

Natural eye-catchers

Besides an indoor border, there are of course many other ways to create a mini-biotope indoors. How about natural sculptures as an alternative to a potted plant? For example, place large stalks of dried grass in plaster blocks, or get inspired by the lookbook of the current Trend Collection. From mosses to plants and grasses: you can use them all to create natural eye-catchers. Follow your green heart and let your intuition do the talking! 

More inspiration

How do you bring the outdoors in? Share it with us on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtags #thejoyofplants and #balancedbiotope. Want to make your home a little greener? Finish off your green oasis with a curtain of Peace Lilies or create a plant pattern on the wall, or get some winter-based plant inspiration by finding your perfect houseplant match here.