Tips and plant inspiration for a colourful autumn

The days are getting shorter and the weather a little chillier, but there’s still lots going on when it comes to plants. You can enjoy an Indian summer in the garden in September, and from October cocoon in your den with your indoor and outdoor plants. Colours, smells, mysterious morning mist and an ochre sun - be enchanted by the flaming beauty of autumn.

Autumn -

Tips for a wonderful autumn

Our autumn dossier shows how you can create a green oasis of calm at home, your own space into which you can retreat. Where you can curl up on the sofa and unashamedly enjoy a slice of banana and walnut cake with borage. And another slice... And another slice. Where you can create little plant altars to put on display, make a lively plant locket, keep flowers in epoxy and preserve and display your treasures in order to celebrate the season. All this whilst enjoying the relaxed soul sound of Etta James on your botanical record player. And obviously your ‘she shed’ has to feature a lavish autumn bouquet that cannot be overlooked. 

Beautiful pictures

You can also find autumn plant inspration on our Pinterest. Be inspired, re-pin and comment to your heart’s content. If you have your own late summer or autumn board with plant inspiration, let us know where we can admire it.  

Autumn plant tips are welcome

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