Looking forward to the green ‘stay indoors’ season!

Now the days are getting ever shorter, we’re celebrating the new indoors season. That means that your interior becomes particularly important again. You want to feel good at home. You can do that with a good atmosphere, fun evenings with friends, spa days in your own bathroom, great DIY craft projects and an abundance of plants. Because plants in your home make you feel better. 


How to do autumn

This season is all about enjoying a lovely home. Dress things up indoors with greenery. Because plants that purify the air or look extravagant help keep the blues away. And don’t forget to upcycle 'left-over or waste plants’. Decorate the bathroom with spa plants that turn your en suite into a tropical oasis. Rested and well, you will have plenty of energy to get stuck into some great autumn projects. Or to start making dinner! And obviously that’ll be a classic autumn recipe

It’s AUTUMN outdoors as well

The change of season also offers a host of possibilities and jobs outdoors. Makes a good first impression at the front door with autumnal decoration and an autumn wreath using classic autumn plants. Enjoy the garden for as long as you can with a roast & toast. But not until you’ve completed all the autumn jobs: getting the garden ready for autumn, creating an autumn house and ensuring that wildlife are happy this season.



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