How to protect your outdoor plants from the cold

Make cold-weather shelters for plants

Autumn brings chilly evenings. With a bit of luck we may enjoy good weather for our bonfire party, but it’s equally possible the first frost will make its appearance before that. Although there are many plants that don't mind too much about falling temperatures, the plants in your garden that do will need some safe shelter or a warm protective jacket.

How to protect your plants from cold

An orangery for you and your plants

Who doesn't want a warm and sheltered garden spot with lots of windows so you can look out onto the outside world? A well-built orangery protects plants from the rain and bitter winds, and it’s also a great place to finish off the last autumn garden jobs with a hot cup of tea. Read all about overwintering in a conservatory, greenhouse or orangery.


Do it yourself

Don’t let a lack of resources stop you. You can make anything yourself, including a mini greenhouse where your plants can peacefully hibernate over the coming months without suffering a lack of light.

What does frost do?

Frost can cause damage: water expands when it freezes and that includes the moisture inside your plant. This causes tears and splits, and your plants can end up harmed. Frost damage can also be caused by a cold wind, and exposed plants in pots are at a much greater risk than plants in the soil. It's your job to protect them. Read all about it in the article frost and your outdoor plants.

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