Ficus Ginseng

Bonsai with an outdoor aspiration

This world traveler and houseplant Ficus Ginseng will make you happy whilst indoors with its ingenious shape and shiny leaves, but when it gets warmer, it loves to camp out on your patio. Don’t forget to water it every now and again! 

Ficus Ginseng (Ficus microcarpa)

A rough-shaped aerial root with sturdy, oval and shiny leaves: let us introduce you to the Ficus Ginseng, also known as the Ficus microcarpa. This robust bonsai radiates a relaxed atmosphere and looks different from every angle, so give it the attention it deserves.

The history behind your Ficus Ginseng

The Ficus Ginseng was originally only to be found in parts of Asia. The roots of this houseplant are still grown in China and Malaysia, where they grow for about fifteen years. Then they are imported by Dutch growers where the bonsai growing process in the greenhouse is completed.  So the Ficus Ginseng has had quite a life by the time it steps into your living room.