Ficus Ginseng

Bonsai with an outdoor aspiration

World traveller and houseplant Ficus Ginseng will brighten your interior with its artful shape and shiny leaves. But when the temperatures rise, it can enjoy a holiday on your patio. Don’t forget to spray it from time to time!

Colours and shapes

A quirky, branched aerial root bearing sturdy oval shiny leaves - say hello to Ficus Ginseng, also known as Ficus microcarpa. A bonsai suitable for beginners! This robust bonsai is easy to live with, gives you a relaxed feeling and looks different from every angle. So give it the attention it deserves.


The name Ficus Ginseng sounds like an exotic tea, but actually that’s a complete red herring. The name ‘Ginseng’ actually relates to the houseplant’s shape. Ginseng is a Chinese word for roots. Ficus Ginseng is often used for bonsai, the Japanese word for ‘tree in pot’: a miniature version of a full size tree. Perfect for creating some gin-Zen ...


The Ficus Ginseng originally only grew in parts of Asia. The roots of the houseplant are still cultivated in China and Malaysia, where they grow for some 15 years. They are then imported by Dutch growers and finished in the greenhouse as bonsai. So Ficus Ginseng has already had a long life by the time it arrives in your living room.