The Ficus Ginseng on holiday

Sometimes your plant needs a break too

Whilst you sit on your patio daydreaming about your holiday, your Ficus Ginseng is stuck indoors desperate to get out too. Will you give it a little holiday on your patio this summer?

Your Ficus Ginseng can also go outside

After spending the winter in a heated room full of dry air, the fresh outdoor air will perk your Ficus right up. Place the houseplant outside in the shade and allow the rain to do its hydrating work. In no time you will see fresh new leaves on your Ficus, gleaming with joy. When the weather outdoors gets a bit chillier, below about 12°C, you simply move the plant back indoors again. 

Ficus Ginseng in the Plant Guide  

We have created dossiers about lots of plants, both houseplants and outdoor plants, in the Plant Guide. They contain care tips, information about the plant’s origin, symbolism and characteristics. Handy if you want to find out more about your beloved companion. Naturally there is also a dossier about the Ficus Ginseng!