An exotic Mediterranean palm

Chamaerops is an exotic fan palm, native to the Mediterranean. It is a tropical asset to your garden!

The Chamaerops is also called dwarf palm or fan palm. The palm remains small compared to other palms and grows slowly. The Chamaerops has a compact leaf in the shape of a fan. Over time, yellow flowers may emerge from the lush leaves.

Palms are known as a symbol of eternal life and renewal. Chamaerops is derived from the Greek "chamae", which means "low" or "ground", and "ropis" which means "side shoot", which relates to the lush foliage of the palm.

The dwarf palm Chamaerops has its origin in the Mediterranean. The dwarf palm occurs naturally in all countries along the Mediterranean Sea, and is also planted there as an ornamental plant. The Chamaerops nowadays grows mainly in the Mediterranean, Europe and North Africa.