Plant Design

Everything you need to know about this green interiors trend

More and more people are discovering their love for plants - so now there are rows and rows of beautiful green plants in many houses and apartments, being cared for with great affection and giving back plenty in return. Plants are considered the perfect addition to any interior.

We reversed this trend, and considered what would happen if you instead choose the interior to match the plant. This interior design trend has a name: Plant Design. In Plant Design, plants play the main role in furnishing an apartment. The “plants first” rule applies - quite literally, start with the plants and everything else will follow. If you follow this maxim not only will your plants wow you day and night, you'll experience many other positive effects

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Plant Design is the art and science with which an interior is improved by means of a living design object. The aim of Plant Design is to create a healthier and more beautiful living environment, with plants as the basis.

Filling your house with plants has become a trend, and that's not surprising. Since humans populated the earth, we are used to living in nature. As a race, we have lived in urban areas for a relatively short time. It is therefore not surprising that we want to surround ourselves with greenery. The absence of plants can even cause physical and mental stress.

Our love for nature has a name: Biophilia. Biophilia is the idea that humans have an innate tendency to connect with nature and other life forms. Psychoanalyst Erich Fromm was the first to use the term in 1973. A few years later, biologist Edward O. Wilson's book Biophilia was published, in which he introduced his theory: our love for nature is genetically determined and is a result of evolution.

Bringing nature into your home has a major effect on your mental, emotional and physical health. The presence of plants lowers blood pressure, increases productivity, improves mood and improves performance at school and work. In addition, plants also have air-purifying properties. And for plants, size matters. The larger the plant, the greater the positive effect.

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As there are so many different ways to design your house plant first, and because we can never get enough inspiration, we present: the Plant Design Masters. We asked seasoned Plant Design experts to share their secrets to their success. Let biophilic designer Alexander Bond tell you all about reconnecting with nature, green designer Philip van Traa tell you how he creates the wow factor in his work and Rose and Caro from Ro Co give you tools to let your creative juices flow.


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