Tips and tricks from plant designer Philip van Traa

Plant expert Philip van Traa is a green designer and founder of Moss Amsterdam. In his masterclass he talks about how to use plants at home to achieve a "wow factor".

If you're interested introducing planting into your interiors, you're in luck. In his masterclass, Philip guides us through the different ways to make a statement with plants, focussing on the design techniques at our disposal. Watch the video on Plant Design: Creating "Wow" with Plants to see Philip share the tricks of the plant design trade with us.


For Philip, one of the main advantages of designing with plants is the free rein he has to place many different varieties together. "After all," he says, "they're all from nature, and there are not many rules that apply there. Nobody can say that particular plants clash with one another, and it’s fun to play with that freedom.”

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