Scindapsus: the perfect climbing and hanging plant

Green from floor to ceiling
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Do you think plant first, and do you want plants to play a more prominent role in your interior? Then Scindapsus is your perfect match. From the cupboard to the wall or from the wall to the floor or ceiling, this climbing and hanging plant is at home in every single direction. Read on to find out how you can create your own 'nature takes over' look!

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Scindapsus, or Pothos, belongs to the Aracea family and grew originally in Southeast Asia, Indonesia and the Solomon Islands. The plant can be recognised by its heart-shaped, satin-like leaves. The leaves can have a flamed pattern or be covered with light green, yellow or silver spots. The leaves of the Scindapsus are attached to long tendrils that can both climb and hang. This makes the plant multi-purpose! 


Want to create your own 'nature takes over' look? Get the Scindapsus and suitable pots, and decide where you want to hang or place the plants. Don't limit yourself to the living room. Rooms such as the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom will also be enhanced by climbing and hanging greenery.  

When deciding on the location, remember that plants always grow towards the light. Use cable clips to support the tendrils if you let them climb along a wall. If the tendrils grow very long, they may lose some leaves at the beginning of the plant. This is not a problem and is a natural process. You can, of course, camouflage this a little with longer tendrils, or prune the plant so that new leaves appear. You can also prune some cuttings and put them in water, then plant the cuttings back to the mother plant after they have rooted. Voilà, your plant is full again. 

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