DIY: a Tillandsia plant mobile

Enjoy some floating greenery
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Move over, traditional mobile! Get inspired by a green variant with Tillandsia. We already know what you're going to say: how do you take care of a plant in a high place? Don't worry -  Tillandsia thrives in heights and can easily withstand drought. Read on, get to work and make a splash with your homemade plant mobile!

plantenmobiel tillandsia
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A tad wild and yet wonderfully beautiful, that's the Tillandsia! This plant belongs to the Bromelia family and has more than 500 species. Tillandsia originates from the desert mountains in Central and South America, Mexico and the southern United States. The plant has none or hardly any roots, and takes moisture and nutrition from the air via scales on its leaves, which means you can hang it without a pot or soil. This makes Tillandsia perfect for a plant mobile. 


Making your own plant mobiles is easy. You don't need much more than Tillandsias, some fishing line and a frame or a nice branch. To make things even easier, the Tillandsia needs little care. Occasionally misting it with a plant sprayer is sufficient.

Feel free to be inspired by our variations when creating your plant mobile, but above all use your own creativity! The plant mobile with small Tillandsia air plants (see the photo above) gives a floating effect, as if the plants are floating freely in space. The variant with Spanish moss (also known as Tillandsia Usneoides, see photo below) is perfect for hanging from a bookshelf or hanger. The plants are wonderfully light, making them easy to hang.


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