DIY: a wonderful world with plants

Create a mini wonderland in your home
Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

What would happen if you combined the power of plants with the good feeling of your favourite treasures? In the following DIY, you will discover how to use plants and objects to create a so-called room of wonder. Read on and be amazed!

diy: mini-wonderkamer
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WHat is a room of wonder?

For centuries, a wonder room has been a place where special souvenirs and objects from nature are collected. In the wonder rooms that Plant Design Masters Florian and Ueli create, these natural objects are combined with plants. Plants play the leading role, with the feelings and emotions that greenery brings taking you on a journey. This natural power makes them capable of changing the atmosphere in a room, or creating a desired atmosphere.  

Create a room of wonder with plants

Want to make a mini version of this miraculous room yourself? Good news: you don't have to wait for a miracle and it's easier than you think! Just collect the supplies and follow the step-by-step plan.  

You will need

  • A selection of cuttings from your favourite small plants, such as moss, Alocasia, Philodendron, Peperomia and Oncidium (Tiger Orchid)
  • A large bowl or shallow, wide pot in which to make the wonder room
  • Hydro grains or small hydro stones
  • Compost
  • Your treasures (think of the souvenir you brought back from a trip or the special object you found in nature)


Step 1
Clean the bowl and add a layer of hydro grains or hydro stones. This is to protect the roots of your plants from rotting.  

Step 2
Add a layer of compost. Vary the amount of compost in different places to create height differences. This makes for a surprising and playful end result. 

Step 3
Decide where you want to put your plants. Make holes in the compost in those places. Make sure you leave enough space between the plants so that they have room to grow. Put the plants in place and stabilise them with a final layer of compost. We have used moss, Alocasia, Philodendron, Peperomia and Oncidium, but you can of course use your own favourites.

Step 4
Add your treasures. Make sure you give them enough space to shine. One tip is to match the colour of your objects with the colour of your plants. Watch Florian and Ueli's masterclass for tips and examples.

Step 5
Water the plants as needed and enjoy your homemade wonder room! Tip: To enjoy your wonder room for as long as possible, it's a good idea to replace your plants from time to time. 

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