The Green Gallery

Issue 16: Floraissance

In the latest edition of The Green Gallery, we illuminate the cold, dark winter months with positive and uplifting flowers and plants. From the depths of winter sleep, awaken gently to the beauty of flowers and plants, inspired by the magical light that you see in Renaissance paintings. Our word for this is Floraissance. Enjoy soft hues, winter shapes and blooming flowers. What else do we have in store? 

In Portfolio, the talented photographer Xuebing Du creates a floral mood with surrealist flower photos. These are images that come alive on screen, with all the rawness of their colours.

We welcome the light with the Cyperus papyrus in our Trendstory. This plant, with its fragile-looking stems and the decorative umbrellalike uppermost leaves, subtly filters the daylight through.

In Muse we treat you to energetic, iridescent, rainbow-coloured bouquets, made by Marte Gulli. It’s enough to make you dash to the florist for your very own version. 

Plus, of course, The Green Gallery shares its Green Treasures. Discover beautiful green treasures, curated by the magazine’s editorial team. Think of a delicate Floraissance orchid vase, a cactus throne that you can really sit on, a molecular perfume of natural plants and, or a torso-shaped vase in a bold green colour. Love it or loathe it, editor-in-chief Nancy Berendsen swears this is the colour for 2020. 

All this, and so much more. Enjoy!



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Let’s celebrate the beauty of nature.