A playful flowering plant with a vintage feel

Limonium is a cheerful plant that produces numerous small flowers. Also known as statice, the limonium flower was extremely popular in the '80s, and is now experiencing a revival (which we think is overdue). Embrace this beautiful garden plant and enjoy its sweet retro vibes.

Colours and shapes

Summer-flowering Limonium grows in white, blue, yellow, lilac, purple, pink and two-tone varieties. There are also branching varieties, with flowers in grey, blue or lilac tones that look almost like mist.


Limonium's primary meaning is one of sympathy and remembrance, making it a common flower in memorial wreaths and bouquets. Its volume and dainty qualities however means it's also often used in wedding bouquets. Traditionally, the plant's leaves were said to have a medicinal effect, and would help with blood clotting on an open wound. This may be true, but we'd probably stick to using a plaster.


You will find Limonium growing in the wild in the Mediterranean. The name comes from the Ancient Greek word "leimon" and means meadow. In fact, the plant is often found in a meadow close to the sea, hence its other common name of sea lavender. It'll also be very happy in your garden or on your patio.