The tough cowboy amongst the houseplants

The Yucca is the Houseplant for January. This tough plant has Tex-Mex roots and likes to be treated with a bit of nonchalant loving. In return it will give a sense of peace and a rugged twist to your interior.


Green-yellow-grey leaves emerge like an explosion from the earth or a tree               stump: you are face to face with the Yucca. With its pointy, strong leaves, the word   ‘cuddly’ is not the first word that comes to mind, but make no mistake, the Yucca is a friendly plant.

Yucca and its natural habitat

The Yucca can easily handle warm and dry conditions. The plant grows naturally in the southern part of the United States, in South America and in the Caribbean. Here you will find the Yucca as a tough cowboy, self-confident and proud in desert areas. Despite of its background, this desert inhabitant is also happy indoors, where it will give you a sense of peace, will last for years and won’t be stroppy if you miss a watering.