Come meet the yucca in the wild

Don't forget to bring some water for yourself

The rugged yucca has completely adapted to its role as a houseplant nowadays, but sometimes it must still think about its relatives in the wild. Will you join it on a trip down memory lane?

Out and about with the yucca in the United States
The yucca thrives in desert landscapes

The yucca in the United States

Yuccas grow wild in regions in the southern United States, predominantely in states such as California, New Mexico and Arizona where it's dry and hot. This is no problem for the plant, which copes perfectly well in these desert regions. It needs little water and is able to cope with both heat and low night-time temperatures. Are you heading that way? Then keep an eye out for the various types of yuccas silhouetted dramatically against the blue sky and the red rock formations.

Yucca Valley

One place where you can be certain to encounter yuccas is Yucca Valley in southern California. A town in the desert, it makes an excellent base for exploring the magnificent Joshua Tree National Park, where you can also see fabulous birds and desolate landscapes alongside all sorts of yuccas. Do take enough water with you, because your needs differ from your yucca's.

Do you have photos of yuccas in the wild?

Have you visited 'Yucca territory' in the past and have some nice pictures you can share? Then post them on our Facebook page. If you want to know more about the plant, you can find out all about caring for yuccas in the Plant Guide.