Take a shower with yucca

Your hair nourished to the tips with yucca root
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Could your hair do with a little boost? The yucca root and aloe vera in this conditioner can help.

Yucca root in your conditioner

Yucca root in your conditioner 

As you can read elsewhere on this website that plants have a positive effect on your mood and your stress levels, and they help provide clean air. Many plants and herbs can also nourish your skin and hair. Take the yucca for example. The root of this plant is used in the aloe vera conditioner from Crabtree & Evelyn. Together with aloe vera extract, jojoba oil and cactus flower, it ensures that your hair becomes supple and shiny again. The conditioner also incorporates a UV filter and contains no parabens (chemical preservatives).

Navahos and the yucca 

The Navaho Indians of the United States have long known about the healing effect of yucca. They have traditionally made shampoo from the roots of the yucca, which grow in the desert. They believe that this shampoo ensures that their black locks do not fall out or turn grey. They also use the roots as a medicine against arthritis and rheumatism. They have many different uses, those yucca roots! We recommend that you keep your yucca intact and enjoy its rugged appearance and air-purifying properties. 

Want to know more about the yucca? 

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