Pastel coloured style icon without airs and graces

The Moth Orchid is the Houseplant of the month of December. From top to root, it’s a pastel coloured style icon with butterfly-like flowers, green shiny leaves and modest requirements.

The Moth Orchid is the Houseplant for December 2014


Phalaenopsis, the official name of the Moth Orchid is pronounced fa-len-op-sis and is named the Moth Orchid due to the butterfly shape of the flowers. The flowers are available in purple, pink, salmon, white, yellow and even blue (these are dyed). The Moth Orchid loves a pattern, so its petals are often spotted or striped, especially to make you smile.

Phalaenopsis has earned its miles

The Phalaenopsis is a type of orchid that used to be content attached to trees and rocks in the tropical rainforest. When discoverers spotted it in the eighteenth century in Asia and Australia, the plant became really popular in Europe, which makes sense considering that it flowers for such a long time.