Graceful stems and extravagant flowers

With its special, colourful flowers and graceful green stems, the cambria is a beautiful sight. Add to this its rich symbolism and easy-going character - and voilà: you've found your ideal roommate!

Colours and shapes

The Cambria comes in a variety of colours and shapes. This orchid species enchants in a round to star shape and with flowers that range from small (1.5cm) to large (10cm). The flowers are beautifully marked and mainly brown, red and purple. But they are also real eye-catchers in pink, orange, white and yellow. Combinations of colours are also possible!


The Cambria is a cross between several genera of orchids that have origins all over the world. The Belgian Charles Vuylsteke developed the first Cambria around 1900. There are now dozens of Cambria-like plants, and all of them are equally beautiful and special.


In ancient Greece, the orchid was a symbol of fertility and masculinity. Nowadays, the flower symbolises above all beauty, wealth, love and strength.