Fresh resolutions, fresh green energy!

Start the year with a - yay - Yucca!

Green Year resolutions are so much more fun and easier than - say - dragging yourself to the gym. Just stay at home and be green and healthy there (and maybe do some weight training or light exercises in the same room). 

Fresh green energy with Yucca -

Of course resolutions are very noble. But they’re also very… exhausting. If you are not up to  a complete lifestyle overhaul, simply bring a few lovely new houseplants into your home. That's exercise, isn't it? Plants make the indoors  healthier on their own accord by helping to purify the air. They also have a relaxing effect and they’re a lot more chilled than a boot camp in a community hall: what more do you want for a good start to the New Year?  

Houseplant of the month

If you still want to give January a detox twist in order to go into 2015 fresh and  energised, a Yucca is excellent company. This robust American offers purification and transformation, has a lively character and is easy to live with: if you forget to water it occasionally, it won't be the end of the relationship. It is also the Houseplant of the Month, so there is currently plenty of choice at your trusted plant suppliers. By the way: if you don’t like the name, it also answers to 'needle palm'. 

Nieuwe voornemens, nieuwe groene energie!



Since the short days will still last a while, there's nothing to stop you hanging a string of fairy lights on your Yucca. It can handle it, and it looks very cosy in the evening!