Design advice from Ro Co, the London-based interior planting studio

Planting designers Rose & Caro are the brains behind Ro Co: an interior planting studio and installation business and writing team from London. In their masterclass, they explain their creative approach to life and plants.

If you fancy embarking on a plant design project, but don't know where to start, then watch Ro Co's masterclass. They share tips on how to find your own personal plant design style, and how to inject creativity and fun into the transformation of your living space.


“Plants have the power to completely transform a space,” says Ro Co's Rose. It’s no surprise then she and Caro have turned their creative design powers to plants. Their mission, explains Caro, is to use plants and pots creatively, to "enable people to feel more connected with one another and with nature.”

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To learn about different plant design methods, watch our masterclasses on reconnecting with nature and creating a wow factor with plants.