7 Plant Design hacks

Green your home with these smart tips
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With Plant Design, plants play the leading role in decorating your home. In this article we explain how Plant Design works and give you tips and tricks to get started right away.

7 plant design hacks | thejoyofplants.co.uk
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Plant Design hack 1: plants first, furniture second

How do you go about starting to work with Plant Design? If you don't know where to start, this video will help you on your way:

If you want to take a more comprehensive approach, then our Plant Design Workshop is for you. From plant plan to moodboard, this workshop gets your creative juices flowing!

Plant Design hack 2: Look at your plants through green glasses

The place where you place a plant is important, because not every plant likes the same amount of sun or shade. So put on your green glasses to determine where your plant can flourish. We tell you how to go about it: 

Plant Design hack 3: making optimal use of space

Those who think that Plant Design is only suitable for large rooms are wrong as smaller rooms can work too - think of a kitchen, bathroom or hallway that can be transformed into a space worthy of Plant Design. With these three tips you can get everything out of a small room: 

More tips and tricks for being creative with space and plants can be found in this article.

Plant Design hack 4: turn your home into an urban jungle

Want to turn your house into an urban jungle? You can do that with plant variety, fast-growing plants, height differences and grouping plants together. Discover how to bring the jungle into your home:

Fancy getting started? Then check out our plant guides for more information on fast-growing plants such as the spider plant, peace lily and Pothos. Or check out these five inspirational Instagram accounts.

Plant Design hack 5: plants as eye-catchers

You can also green up a minimalist interior. For example, choose one large, special plant, such as Ficus lyrataStrelitzia, Calathea or Croton. Make it an eye-catcher:

Plant Design hack 6: Plants as mood enhancers

Plants come in all shapes and sizes. And that's good, because by choosing the right plants, you can create a certain atmosphere. Which mood do you prefer: relaxation, energy or warmth?

Bringing plants into your home brings many more positives. Cleaner air, for example, and a better mood. Read all about it here.

Plant Design hack 7: Green your home office

If you work from home, a pleasant workplace is a prerequisite for being able to do your work well. Make plants part of your workplace, as this can have a positive effect on your work performance. Here's how to do it:


Can't get enough of Plant Design? Discover more tips and tricks to deal creatively with space and plants, or learn how to turn your home office into a green oasisOr view the Plant Design dossier for more information and masterclasses from Plant Design experts. Share your greenery with us on Instagram and Facebook with the hashtags #thejoyofplants and #plantdesign?