5 inspirational plant design accounts to follow on instagram

One for each room in your house

All this time at home makes it increasingly tempting to get stuck into interior design projects. The good news is, it's easy to improve the aesthetics of a room with plants. The addition of a few new planters to any room, displayed to their best advantage, will quickly transform an interior, providing that much-desired refresh to the design of your home. Take inspiration from these five Instagram accounts, whose posts are filled with plant design in action. From bathroom to bedroom, we've got you covered.


When you've had a long day, Wendy’s account will cheer you up again. The photos of her plant paradise create an instant feeling of joy. They'll also motivate you to seriously rethink your bathroom set-up.


Steph Wilson's lounge truly deserves the label 'urban jungle'. Everywhere you look, her plants are hanging, trailing and balancing in pots. It's an example of just how far you can go with plant design: you wouldn't expect to find a space like this in the middle of central London. 

@SARATOUFALI - Living room

It comes as no surprise that @saratoufali is an interior designer when you see her living room. Sara has an eye for plants and details, and captures the most beautiful plant design inspiration in her photos.


Enjoy plants, both inside and out. @urbanplantconservatory does this well. In only a few months, we watched how this account turned a bare corner of her kitchen into a green breakfast spot. What we wouldn't give for windows like these...


It's a wonderful feeling to wake up surrounded by greenery. But the oasis vibes of @hothouse.jungle aren't limited to the gorgous bedroom — the whole house is full of plants. It means a ton of inspirational snaps to delight in.

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