A domestic paradise

Bird of paradise, crane flower, Strelitzia. All this incredible plant’s names sound equally exotic. With the Strelizia you can transform any room into a colourful paradise. Watch out for low-flying macaws!

Strelitzia Kamerplant


There are various species of Strelizia, but you can recognise them all by the upright stems with sturdy leaves. The narrow elongated leaves appear to have a grey waxy coating. The remarkable flowers are also characteristic of this plant. It looks as if brightly coloured birds or butterflies with orange and purple wings have landed on your houseplant.


Strelitzia is seen as a symbol of freedom, and also represents immortality. This special symbolism deserves a good story to go it. If you’re giving someone Strelitzia, include a card explaining why they deserve this flower.


Strelizia originates from South Africa, and is a member of the Musaceae family. We in Europe have been able to enjoy Strelizia as a houseplant since the 18th century. The plant is named after the wife of the English King George III, who was called Charlotte van Mecklenburg-Strelitz. She had a great passion for flowers and plants.