A year-round garden begins in the autumn

Plant now to enjoy in the spring
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You might think that spring, with its promise of a new beginning, is the ideal season for planting perennials. But we can let you in on a secret: the best time is actually during the change of season from summer to autumn. Read on to find out why, plus get tips for planting out your own purchases.

A year-round garden begins in the autumn - Thejoyofplants.co.uk

1. The soil is warm

In the autumn, the soil in your garden is still nice and warm from the summer. Plants appreciate that as they acclimatise, because it gives them the chance to form new roots. Existing roots will also stretch out happily into the warm surrounding soil, so your plant gets nicely bedded in.

2. Drought-free

There’s plenty of rain in the autumn, so you need to give little or no water to your freshly planted plants. The risk of them drying out is actually far greater in spring.

3. A headstart

Because your plants have already been bedded in for a couple of months by the time spring arrives, they're larger and will flower more beautifully when spring rolls around. If you wait until spring, they won't have half as good a chance. When the warmer weather comes, it also means that all you have to do is set out your deckchair and enjoy the sunshine — no need for hard gardnening!


Frost-sensitive plants are the exception to the rule: they're best planted after winter. And if you want some colour on your patio to tide you over until spring, take a look at winter heatherautumn violetsOsmanthusboxlaurelLawson cypress, or any of these classic autumn plants.

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