DIY: fragrant herb rack

Build this beautifully simple herb rack in your kitchen

There is almost nothing better than the smell of fresh or dried herbs. Some of them soothe us, like lavender, others like mint have an energising, invigorating effect — and no one would turn their nose up at pasta with fresh basil pesto. Follow this DIY to keep bundles of fresh and dry herbs within easy reach, and create a attractive and practical new piece of kitchen equipment.

DIY: fragrant herb rack |
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You will need

  • Thick rope
  • String
  • Herbs of your choice, such as lavender, sage, thyme und rosemary. Mint is also a good choice, and tastes just as good dried as fresh.. 
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Optional: hook

here's how to make it

Step 1

First determine how long the herb rack should be and cut the thick rope accordingly. Then attach the rope in place. This is easy if there are already objects to tie the rope too. If not, you can attach a pair of hooks to the wall and loop the rope around it. Or, if you are not sure whether you want the herb rack to be a permanent feature, you can fix the rope with strong adhesive tape.

Step 2

Now divide the herbs into pretty bundles by wrapping a piece of the rustic string around them and knotting it together. Attach the bundles of herbs to the rope, alternating with long and short pieces of string, so they are hanging at different lengths. For even more variety, add dried flowers like camomile in between. The finished herb rack will look beautifully decorative.


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