DIY: autumnal door wreath

Welcome in your autumn guests

When the days get shorter, the weather gets greyer and you’re caught out by yet another rain shower, you could probably do with an injection of joy into your life. Let it take the form of a warm and cosy welcome from your very own front door in the form of a pretty autumn wreath. Decorate the entrance to your home and welcome in yourself, your guests and the season.

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You will need

  • Floral foam wreath (we used the Ideal series from Oasis, as this foam retains water well)
  • Winding wire (to secure flowers and twigs)
  • Optional: glue gun (to secure final details)
  • Classic autumn flowers such as PhysalisHypericumChrysanthemumRosehip
  • Classic autumn plants, such as Skimmia and Viburnum Opulus
  • Optional: waxed autumnal fruit or nuts
  • Ribbon, string or a hook (to hang your wreath)


Many autumn flowers stay beautiful when they dry, allowing you to enjoy your wreath for a long time. You can also choose to use only dried flowers in your wreath. Our tip: be bold and make it your own autumn creation! For example, use twigs and flowers from your own garden and choose a style that suits you. Will you choose flowers and branches in your favourite colour or will you make into one colourful whole? And will you decorate it with nuts and fruit or keep it minimalist? 


  1. Place the floral foam wreath in a bowl of water. Make sure the wreath gets wet evenly and gradually, but don't submerge it.
  2. Make a rough composition of the flowers and branches on the wreath. Cut them to the right length and lay them down on the wreath in a way you like. Note that it works more easily when you put all branches in the same direction. You work clockwise or anti-clockwise, but not both ways. When making the wreath, think of making a painting: different textures and colours together form a bigger picture.
  3. Satisfied with your composition? Then stick the branches into the floral foam and, if necessary, secure some flowers and branches with wrapping wire. You can also use the wrapping wire to make tufts of smaller flowers or branches on your wreath. 
  4. You can use a glue gun to stick the last things between your wreath as a finishing touch.
  5. Hang your wreath in a place of your choice and enjoy the result!


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