DIY: a plant under your glass

You can make these botanical coasters yourself

You've decided to organise the ultimate urban chic French apéro. That really is une idée géniale! Is everything set? Fun people? Check. Festive drinks? Check. Coasters? Oh no - forgot about those. No problem. With this easy DIY craft project you can make them yourself - with a plant twist, obviously.

DIY: a plant under your glass

How to make these botanical coasters

Gather stems or leaves from your favourite plant and dry them in a flower press, or use a thick book. Whilst the attractive foliage dries, seek out a set of nice vintage glass coasters with a raised edge in the attic, at a flea market or in a second-hand shop. Check the stems or leaves after a week: are they nice and flat? Stick them onto the coasters with a small drop of glue, place a plastic disc cut to size over the top and voilà: let the apéro begin.

If you’re proud of the result, share your creations on Instagram and don’t forget to tag them with #aperobotanico.