A sea of winter flowers

These plants add colour to outdoor spaces all through the colder months

When the nights are freezing and the days are short, there are some flowers that brave the harsh conditions outside. These plants display their beautiful petals all through the cold months. Let's hear it for winter flowering plants.

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With its deep green foliage and radiant flowers, hellebore makes us smile when it's cold and frosty outside. The Christmas rose treats us to large petals radiating out from a beautiful central crown from January all the way until April. Due to its preference for sheltered, sunny places, you can easily arrange a few hellebores to brighten up a summer patio in winter.


This shrub is beautiful even before its flowers come, with its dark green, shiny leaves. But then, while many outdoor plants are still in hibernation, camellia really comes into its own. White, purple or red flowers bloom all over the bush, bringing vibrancy to a winter garden or patio. Check what type of camellia you are dealing with, because the planting and flowering time can differ.

camelia | winterbloeier | tuinplant


Skimmia is green in the spring, spoils you with fragrant flowers in late summer and provides colour in winter (hello shiny berries!). The berries change from green to bright red in the fall. Unlike many other berry-bearing plants, birds and small animals are not fond of the berries. So they last for a long time keeping your garden bright and colourful!


You may associate hazel with Easter, but this beautiful plant starts to put on its show of flowers much earlier in the year. Hazel is a tree, often pruned into a shrub, but left alone it can grow up to six meters high. Depending on the variety, it blooms in January, February and March, showing off yellow wisps full of flowers.

Winter violets

With their bright colours and smiling petal faces, winter violets are an excellent remedy for the winter blues, bringing a cheerful atmosphere to the garden, balcony and patio in the evening. For best results, plant a group of winter violet plugs close together, to create a bushful of fun paintbox colours.

winterviool | viooltje | tuinplant | winterbloeier

winter heather

Small flowers, lots of colour. That's the secret of the winter heather (also called Erica carnea). This evergreen shrub blooms beautifully in the open ground or in containers or pots. The plant has white, pink, red, purple or golden yellow flowers. The flowers are strong and bloom in winter, even when it snows! Winter heather blooms until April.


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