Create balance in your home with Alocasia

Interiors trend: don’t place plants on the wall, but in it

Celebrating multiple design elements is an exciting new interiors trend with which you can constantly surprise. 

Create balance in your home with Alocasia

In uncertain times there is the growing need for a new balance, including in the home. The starting point for this trend is that all elements must have equal value. The wall is not necessarily more important than the Alocasia, and similarly the pots are given more attention and are not subordinate to the plants. It sounds complicated, but actually it’s quite easy: use geometric angular shapes in soft feminine colours. Ensure that the plant’s leaves and the pot are both roughly the same height. Also strike a balance in your choice of pot between an elegant shape and sheen with a masculine colour. 

Furniture and plant in one

Incorporating plants in a wall, room divider, cabinet or table gives a surprising visual effect. It also saves space, and offers the opportunity to create green zones in places where you wouldn’t expect them. Think of a coffee table with a sea of green plants under a raised sheet of glass as the tabletop. Or a sunken herb garden in your kitchen worktop. Or a side table that Alocasia doesn’t stand on, but grows out of. New times mean new perspectives, including indoors.