New: the indoor water & air garden

No soil, no pot - just pure magic

All life on earth comes from water and oxygen. You can see precisely how that works by placing your houseplant in water or having it live on air.  

You’re probably already familiar with indoor gardens in the form of terrariums and bowls disguised as indoor planting. The new way of bringing nature into your home goes back to basics. Plant, water: how it all started. You don’t need anything other than a large glass vase, bottle or jar. 

Indoor-Gärten aus Wasser und Luft –

Clear company

A water garden is easy to make. It’s just a matter of rinsing the soil off thoroughly so that all the roots are clearly visible, adding a splash of plant food to the water and placing the plant in it. You can use cuttings or water plants, but you could also use Elephant's ear, Alglaonema and Philodendron - all plants that can cope well with having wet feet.

Indoor tree in water

Placing a branch or shoot in water (this one is from an ash) shows nicely what would otherwise be happening beneath the soil. Hundreds of roots together form a sturdy base which brings outdoor nature indoors for you. If you want to do something different, a branch like this can go straight into the soil in order to carry on growing.

Water plant pot

You can create a cross between a still-life and an aquarium with water plants. It’s thereby handy to use some stones to distribute the plants attractively and to prevent them all from floating to the top. 

Living on air…

A variation on the indoor water garden is to indulge yourself with air plants. They don’t need any soil to survive - they get nutrients and moisture from the air. You don’t need to do anything other than mist them with water from time to time, possibly with some plant food.

... and on some water vapour

The fact that plants don’t need any soil but thrive on sufficient moisture makes them ideal bathroom companions. You can attach the plant to the tiles with a sucker, and then share a shower with it. There’s virtually no easier way to bring nature into your home!