DIY: Body balance with Alocasia

Dynamic leaf structures require a soft touch container

To provide an interesting counterbalance to Alocasia's light, sharp and transparent lines, you should use a sturdy, somewhat heavier base. Wrapping it in soft felt creates the perfect balance between masculine and feminine shapes which is so trendy right now. Wrap your Alocasia up now for a quick and easy transformation guaranteed to turn heads! 

DIY Alocasia

What you need

  • An attractive medium-sized Alocasia 

  • A flower pot or bowl with straight edges

  • Various colours of felt 

  • Cutting mat, ruler, chalk, Stanley knife

  • Pins 

  • String 

How to make it: 

Step 1

Cut strips of three colours of felt which are slightly wider than the pot.  

Step 2

Overlap the strips so that all parts are visible. 

Step 3

Wrap the felt around the pot and secure it with string. Now all that's left to do is admire your incredible creation!