Turn your home into a mini ecosystem

Exclusive palms bring more oxygen into the home

The interaction that takes place every day in the atmosphere also occurs in your home. And a couple of sizeable plants such as specialty palms help to make your personal biotope a bit healthier. 

Die Palme als Lufterfrischer – Pflanzenfreude.de

When it comes to oxygen, plants are the perfect partners for people and animals. Every time you breathe, you inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide (CO2). The atmosphere doesn’t contain an infinite amount of oxygen, but nature has found a solution. Trees, plants and algae - and therefore also specialty palms - breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen during the day. Humans and plants therefore complement one another perfectly. 

Living oxygen factory

The green leaves of exclusive palms such as Fern palm, Livistona, Fishtail palm and Lady palm features small stoma which take in CO2 and release oxygen. The larger the leaf surface, the more oxygen it can produce. An array of specialty palms is therefore not only lovely to look at but also creates a sort of mini indoor rainforest. 

Beautiful and useful

Specialty palms also absorb particulates and break down substances in the air such as acetone (from perspiration) and formaldehyde (from furniture or the printer). They also evaporate a lot of moisture with their big green leaves, providing a natural solution to the dry air in the home that results from central heating. So there are good reasons for treating both yourself and your indoor climate to a couple of beautiful specialty palms.