Specialty palms deserve to be put on a pedestal

Green home rituals will make you happier

They reach up with stately grace and radiate nothing but natural calm. Place a couple of specialty palms together and your living room will soon resemble an oasis. 

Exklusive Palmen als Ruhepol – Pflanzenfreude.de

Specialty palms do something to you. They’re ancient trees that dinosaurs once roamed past, they make you think of regions where nature is wilder and more exotic than here. They’re also incredibly Zen: they grow slowly, require little care and emit the sense that whatever happens, life almost always just carries on. So there are plenty of reasons for placing Fern palm, Livistona, Fishtail palm and Lady palm on a pedestal (if it’s a small specialty palm) or in a large pot that elevates the plant. Not only does this make the proportions of specialty palms more exciting, but the beautiful foliage has more room to shine over your head than at shoulder height. 

Nothing but you and your palm for a moment 

Once they’ve found a good spot - and that can just be a green island in the room - specialty palms will rapidly create a place of calm with an irresistible attraction. Some watering, going round with the plant spray, sharing out a bit of plant food, spotting new shoots: it brings life back to its essence and provides moments packed with mindfulness. That helps you to cast off negative thoughts and worries. Research* published in The Lancet even shows that mindfulness is as effective as antidepressants. All the more reason to spend some time for yourself with your green beauties.

Other green home rituals

  • Switching to eco cleaning products is a fresh and fruity idea.

  • Place specialty palms outdoors for a luxurious summer rain shower.

  • Place plants in your sightlines, not only indoors, but also on the balcony or patio.

  • Air your home every day: the air outside is virtually always cleaner than indoors.

  • Create attractive tableaus of living, dried and petrified nature alongside your specialty palms.

*The Lancet