Create The Perfect at-home Yoga Sanctuary With Plants

We asked Adam Husler, one of the UK's most in-demand yoga teachers, to give us his top tips on how to transform your home into a soothing yoga sanctuary.


As the seasons turn and yoga outdoors is no longer possible, Adam recommends bringing nature inside. And it’s not just to make the room look pretty! Having a green, plant-filled space adds multiple benefits to your yoga practice. Here Adam explains why:

Air purity

Deep steady breathing is a major part of yoga, and plants make for great air purifiers. What better reason to have living and breathing plants around you, as you breathe in and out? Choose Ivy or intricate Boston Fern for their air filtering benefits.

Form and structure

Yoga is about self-enquiry and exploring various structures, shapes and forms. For the ultimate balance, this should also be reflected in your space through combining yin and yang, masculine and feminine colours and shapes. Plants like Aloe Vera with wondrous structure amongst robust leafy plants like the Fiddle Leaf Fig can help balance the look and feel of your space.

Mood lifting

Creating a leafy sanctuary in your home can really lift your mood. Adding layers and dimension by showing off plants on stools and using macramé hanging planters instantly creates an urban-jungle vibe, which encourages a sense of calm and happiness.

Meditation anchors

When it comes to meditation, there are many styles to choose from, and a number of these require focusing on one point in front of you. The leaves of plants make for great meditation anchors – their leaves are intricate and hypnotic to look at, you can easily get lost in them.

So, what are the best plants to put in your indoor yoga space? We recommend the below based on their air purification qualities, varying shapes and sizes, robustness and suitability to thrive indoors. · Alocasia · Aloe Vera · Philodendron · Ivy · Boston Fern · Peace Lily · Fiddle Leaf Fig

Do you practise yoga with plants? We would love to see your at-home, green-filled sanctuary!

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