Wake up amongst greenery

Residents of this yurt can’t help but wake up well-rested in this plant-filled bedroom. Anyone relaxing here is protected by a ring of plants, and sheltered under a canopy of greenery. Discover this plant design project from the USA and get inspired to create your own botanical retreat.

Plant design project: green oasis in a yurt Do It Yurtself
This magnificent yurt is located 20 minutes outside Portland, Oregon. With a helping hand from family and friends, filmmaker and writer Zach Both built the structure from the ground up in just six months.  
The living room, study, kitchen and bathroom are arranged neatly on the ground floor, leaving the yurt’s apex free to become a sleep oasis, packed with plants. There are no fewer than 45 individual plants here, that all hang downwards from the edge of the platform, meaning they can also be admired from downstairs.
Plants are present everywhere in the space, from Pilea peperomioides to Ficus Lyrata. Even the wooden frames in front of the window are ‘planted’ with suspending hanging pots that are filled with succulents. Then, when you step outdoors you’re in middle of nature. 
It's hard to replicate this effect at home, but if you'd like to create a small version of this green oasis in your bedroom, then fill the floor area with pot plants, leaving a reasonable space empty for easy access to the door and your wardrobe. For more practical interior tips, read our six tips to get started with plant design.
Groene oase in een yurt: Plant Design project mooiwatplantendoen
Groene oase in een yurt: Plant Design project mooiwatplantendoen
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