Tiny house, big on greenery

Succulents make the wall
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Take three trends, throw them into the blender of a friendly start-up, and add a pinch of creativity and aesthetics. The result is the Cabin of Curiosities, a tiny house from a 3D printer with an outside wall made of succulents.

Tiny house met succulenten van Emerging Objects Mooiwatplantendoen.nl

A garden on your house

These succulents such as Echeveria were placed in specially designed ceramic tiles, which naturally also came from the printer. This creates a living external wall in 50 shades of green which is easy to maintain and does very well in the warm Californian climate. As Emerging Objects themselves say:

"These are not just investigations into testing materials for longevity or for structure, but also a study of aesthetics. We see the future as being elegant, optimistic, and beautiful."


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