Strong and dependable succulent in fabulous colours

The lovely leaves of echeveria are greyish green, sometimes with a hint of pink. They're suitable for even the smallest of spaces, and they're not at all difficult in terms of care.

Colours and shapes

Echeveria is a variety of succulent. It's an ideal companion for those who love neutral grey-green tones. Some varieties are reddish or grey-lilac, and the leaves are either smooth, hairy or or soft and downy. The feature that groups all echeverias together is their fleshy, succulent leaves that grow in a graceful rosette shape. Sometimes these plants will grow long flower stems, with attractive yellow, orange, pink or red petals.


Echeveria does not have any official meaning. But in view of its tough nature, we think the plant represents persistence and strength, making it a nice gesture for someone who is going through a difficult time.


Echeveria's ancestors came from the Mexican desert, where botanist Antansio Echeveria discovered the succulent in the 19th century. The plant survives heat and drought by storing water in its leaves, stems and roots. It means Echeveria is also suitable for the less green-fingered amongst us, as it copes pretty well with neglect.