Clever succulent with juicy leaves

The Echeveria stores water in its juicy, sturdy and beautiful leaves, as a reserve for dry periods. These are really handy for example, to survive the summer holidays.

Big, small, grey-green, lilac or reddish, smooth, hairy or downy: there are many different varieties of Echeveria. But what all these succulents have in common are juicy, meaty leaves which grow in a rosette shape. Sometimes yellow, orange, red or pink flowers also grow out of the plant. That is how your Echeveria wants to tell you: I like it here.


Different varieties of Echeveria, thejoyofplants

Echeveria: desert plant

The Echeveria stores water in its leaves, stems and roots, so that it can survive dry periods. That is necessary if your grandparents originate from the Mexican desert. Botanist Antansio Echeveria discovered the plant in the desert in the 19th century and the plant was quickly named after him. Nowadays the relaxed character of the Echeveria makes it also popular indoors.