DIY: make a crown with the Echeveria

Fun to make, romantic result

With a bit of patience, some succulents and a creative moment, you can make a crown of Echeveria’s. Wear it at a party or your wedding.

You can make a dreamy crown with the Echeveria
You can make a dreamy crown with the Echeveria

A crown of Echeveria

Floral crowns are totally in, so why not make one from a plant? It’s easy with succulents, because they can take a knock or two and are nice and sturdy and compact. And not to forget: they are also beautiful! With the DIY tip from the blogger Needles and Leaves, you can crown yourself queen of the Echeveria’s (or DIY’ers).

What you need for your DIY project

  • Echeveria’s and other succulents in different sizes
  • Floral tape
  • Thick floral wire
  • Thin floral wire
  • Pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Scissors

DIY step by step guide

Have you got everything you need? Then you can get started. On there is a handy step by step guide with clear photos, so nothing can go wrong with making your romantic crown. As a bonus the Echeveria and other succulents can go without water for a while, so you can enjoy your crown for a month!