Easy and beautiful: the mid-level indoor garden

Oxygen + air-purifying + virtually maintenance-free

You want greenery but not too much bother? Then a raised container is an excellent way of having indoor plants that you can water in one go. 

Easy and beautiful: the mid-level indoor garden  Thejoyofplants.co.uk

The advantage of a raised indoor garden is that you have friendly contact with your plants, and see them in a very different way than when they’re on the floor or windowsill. By leaving it open underneath, you retain light and transparency. And the right choice of material - marbled plastic, sporty patterns - makes it an element that could have come straight out of a wellness centre. 

Rugged and sporty greenery 

To get the maximum out of such a mid-level indoor garden, you need to use some slightly rugged greenery, like these classic plants for men. Devil’s Ivy likes to chill, Croton  echoes the sporty stripes associated with this style, and Philodendron and Umbrella tree create volume and height respectively. Place a couple of powerbabes like Snake Plant on the table to complete the picture.   

Playful but efficient 

Plants really help in terms of health benefits. They improve the air quality in your home, counteract dry air and help you to feel less stressed and more lively. So there are plenty of reasons to create one of these all-in-one containers straightaway. It’s good for you, good for your home and good for your schedule, because when you have all your plants in one place, watering them is quicker and more efficient: another bonus.