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This season is all about fun, fantasy and extravagance when it comes to plants both indoors and in your garden. The Crazy Illusions trend lets your illusions merge with daily life, encouraging a new, colourful view of reality. This allows you to rediscover pleasure. Read on, get inspired, discover this season's plants and give them a permanent home in your house, in your flowerbeds or on your patio.

crazy illusions plants

This season we're using different colours, shapes and textures to create an impressively cheerful atmosphere, combining both indoor and garden-based plants to great effect. The combinations may look strange at first - but the longer you stare, the more entranced you'll be. The overall look is inspiring and semi-surreal and will get your imagination flowing.


We're starting out with Medinilla. With its tropical appearance and bright pink flowers, it's a real eye-catcher and shouldn't be missed out of this Trend Collection. To bring this style indoors, how about crafting a Crazy Illusions hanging pot or a coloured plant stand to bring some fun to your living room?

You can't have a Crazy Illusions trend without Hypoestes and Fittonia. While they look like they were made for each other, they differ in terms of leaf structure, how they grow and how you care for them. Our styling tip? Make a lush pink border of these small plants for larger houseplants. 

Unleash the artist in you with Philodendron! Thanks to its vibrant, abstract shapes, this plant has the honour of being a muse for many artists. Picasso used Philodendron in his sculpture "Woman in the Garden". Get inspired by art and create your own artwork with this special plant, which symbolizes health and abundance.

The Bromeliad is a symbol of protection, thanks to the full, green leaves which surround the beautiful colours of this plant. Calla, meanwhile, is also known as the pitcher plant, as the Greek gods are said to have drunk from its chalices. This plant's unusual shape matches this style trend perfectly and like Philodendron, has been lucky enough to inspire artists ranging from Diego Riviera (The Flower Vendor) to Georgia O'Keeffe. Put the Bromeliad and Calla in the spotlight by giving them a special place in your house. Try placing a mirror behind them, lighting a candle and enjoying your Crazy Illusions altar!

Rhipsalis completes this Trend Collection of indoor plants thanks of its great diversity, especially in its stems. Ranging from thin and long, to wide and ribbed, to curly and round, it really fires the imagination and matches perfectly with a pink wall behind it


Whether you're blessed with a huge garden or are building your outdoor haven on a tiny terrace, there will always be a spot for a gerbera. Coming in more than 600 different shapes, colors and sizes, the gerbera is perfect for creating a truly fairytale-style garden, and we guarantee there'll be one to suit you. Choices include bright coloured flowers or soft pastels, and from miniature-sized to lush and expansive. With the option of single or double flowers, yan rest assured that gerbera's exotic shape prevails whatever style you choose. 

The geranium might feel old-fashioned, but in fact, this old-school beauty is a great option. With stunning green leaves and beautiful flowers that can range from bright red to, snow-white, orange, purple, bright pink and even striped, geraniums make you dream of exotic vacations. What's more, it will bless your outdoor space with both fragrance and colour for three seasons out of the year. What could be better than that?

You can't sleep on citrus when you're looking for exotic, playful plants. As well as having beautiful coloured flowers and a sweet scent, you get to harvest the citrus fruit at the end of the season. This Mediterranean beauty also stays green all year round, which you'll appreciate come winter. 

Want to sit out in your garden and pretend you're on a tropical beach somewhere warm and sunny? Palm plants bring that energy even when it's drizzling outside. Plants such as Phoenix (date palm) and Chamaerops (dwarf palm) evoke the feeling of long summer evenings and sandy toes and therefore fit perfectly with this Trend Collection. Create a tropical atmosphere and dream about your next vacation while you watch the leaves wave in the breeze. 

All of these outdoor plants are suitable for creating a colorful, dreamy and magical Crazy Illusions garden.

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