DIY: hang your medinilla with macramé

Create an exotic installation at home
Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

The tropical medinilla is at its best when free. Its green and pink leaves and blossoms erupt wildly, and can reach almost 30cm long. Such an exotic creature needs a beautiful home, so why not make a hanging one? 70s classic macramé is making its way back in fashion (especially on Instagram), so we’re creating a Crazy Illusions hanging planter to allow the elegant waves of the medinilla to flow naturally. Or try placing the Medinilla in a painted pot atop of colourful blocks, for a plant that looks like a work of art. As this species needs hardly any care, all you need to do is watch it thrive. 

What you need: 

  • Shiny/coloured cotton cord 
  • Plant pot 
  • Bricks
  • Spray paint or multi-surface paint
  • Mirrors (optional) 
  • Scissors

Step 1
Firstly, spray or paint your pots and bricks (which you can use as a plant stand). Go outside if possible, or head to the easy-cleaned bathroom or tiled surface and cover everything with newspaper. Don’t hold back on the colours and artistic flair here, this plant is native to the Philippines and is most attractive when viewed amid colour and warmth. 

Step 2
Now it's time to knot. Follow an online guide to create different levels of macramé, from simple to more complex. There’s plenty out there from the half knot to half hitch. Check here if you need inspiration. For the simple option, snip 4 or 8 pieces of cord, and tie them at one end. Next, put your pot in the centre of the knot, and tie another loop knot at the top, and then hang.

Step 3
Next, find an area to create your plant installation, perhaps hanging off a shelf or from the ceiling. Place your mirrors around it to give your plant extra impact. If it is hanging from the ceiling, install it opposite a mirror already in the house. Get playful with hanging plants at different heights in your room. Another option is to stack the painted blocks and place the plant on top.

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