Style trend: Crazy illusions

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The recent pandemic gave the the online world a significant boost, with all of us spending more time than ever in the digital world. As we spend time on the internet and less in the real world we become more and more demanding as consumers, while at the same time needing to be flexible in our lives and work and be seen to be going with the flow. This sense of illusion and reality comes together this season in "Crazy Illusions". This style trend is the result of the limitations that we experience as a society, and the huge desire we feel for pleasure, freedom and creative space - just like the hard times during and after the First World War which were followed by the roaring twenties.

The Crazy Illusions style trend brings in a new, fresh look and focuses on vibrant colours, eye-catching designs and metallics. Twisted shapes and the ever-present roundness of circles are also popular this season. 

crazy illusions trend collection

Everything in this style trend is bright, playful and a little bit surprising. This season we're using a lot of round shapes and different textures and colors to create an extravagant, fairytale-like atmosphere. You need lots of different kinds of plants to achieve this effect. Try mixing and matching green plants with colourful ones, and choosing plants which inspire you and make you think when you look at them. 

Inside, this trend lends itself to inspiration, innovation and feeling free. Creative expression stimulates your view of the day-to-day and makes things feel fresh and exciting. Forget the rules, find joy in gentle chaos and you'll find that plants become works of art within your home. You'll capture your imagination and remember that life shouldn't be taken too seriously.

In the garden, this trend means creating a striking, imaginative environment, with a powerful design. Each plant stands on its own merits, and doesn't need to exactly match with its neighbours. Imagine if you could gaze out into your garden and be inspired. Create this magical garden effect by using a wide variety of shapes and colours, with a tropical feel. Don't miss out on coloured pampas grass, which must be the ultimate plant for creating a Crazy Illusions-style atmosphere. Forget about the rules and think illogically and your garden will thank you. 

You really don't have to change up all of your furniture and get out the paint rollers to bring this trend into your home. With a few simple additions and adjustments, you'll be up to date in no time. A colorful hanging pot containing a Medinilla immediately gives that Crazy Illusions feeling. Or try grouping different coloured plants together, to showcase your favourite large houseplant. 

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