We’re going crazy for #plantsonpink

Create wild contrasts everywhere with this fairytale combination
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With over 100 thousand followers, there is definitely a reason for the popularity of the IG account Plants on Pink. "I’m an artist,” Lotte van Baalen, the founder of the account says. “ I’ve always been inspired by colours and colour combinations. This is the artistic lens that drives our new Crazy Illusions trend too. 

Crazy Illusions

Our trend collection encourages this type of maximalism, it is full of contrasts and abstract prints, like the striking effect of the warm hue of pink against bold green. The combination of green and pink, two colours that are not close to each other on the colour wheel, seems like an unnatural match made in heaven. Tropical plants against a pink background immediately evoke the 'crazy illusion feeling'. The colour combination also works perfectly with plants such as Rhipsalis.



So this season, we’re inviting you to get experimental with your backdrops, plant pots and plants themselves to inspire with plants on pink. Form a dreamy paradise that sees different tones, from millennial to hot pink and grassy green to pale take an adventure.