DIY: make your own Kokedama

Create a plant which floats in the air

Do you want to get creative this summer? Why not make your own Kokedama? In a few steps you can fill your whole garden or patio with floating plants.

Kokedama –

You need the following items to make Kokedamas:

Scissors, string, nylon thread, metal wire, 20 x 20cm moss, potting compost, small square of floral foam, a fern, a Rhipsalis and an umbrella plant.

Kokedama -


















Step by step guide to make Kokedamas

  • Place a piece of moss with the green side up, on a table;
  • Place the (wet) floral foam in the middle of the moss;
  • Prick the metal wire through the floral foam and make a hole, so that you can pull the string through to hang up the ball;
  • Place some potting soil around the floral foam. Now fold the moss around the floral foam, creating a ball;
  • Wrap the nylon thread around the ball creating a net;
  • Make holes in the ball with the metal wire and stick the green plant cuttings in the holes;
  • Spray your floating plants with water and enjoy the summer!

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