Recipe: drinks board with herbs from the garden


Do you often make a drinks board or charcuterie board when you are expecting guests? You know, one of those delicious boards with all sorts of little bites that you pop right into your hungry tummy. Nothing wrong with that at all, but sometimes you need some new inspiration. Gone are the hummus and egg salad, hello delicacies that look beautiful in the garden!

borrelplank met bloemenkaastaartje
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 you will need

  • Various soft cheeses (such as brie and goat's cheese)
  • Edible flowers and herbs such as sage, thyme and basil*
  • Goat cheese roll with flowers and herbs*
  • Different kinds of crackers
  • Edamame dip
  • Assorted nuts
  • Figs, artichoke, orange, passion fruit, sweet pepper, dates


how to make it

Start with a large board from your collection. Pick a nice spot for the cake made of four layers of cheeses.

Like a true pastry chef, finish the cheese stacj with edible flowers, such as violets and rose petals.  Around this, you build out with all the other goodies.

Place the crackers against the tapas dishes with edamame dip and black sesame seeds so they don't slip. Around the edge of the shelf put down items that are easy to grab: dates, oranges, peppers.

More towards the middle the items that are a bit looser like the nuts, dates and herbs like sage, thyme and dill.

Don't forget the spoons, knives and small plates. Bon appétit!


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*Never just sink your teeth into any (cut) flower or plant, only use edible flowers from specialised suppliers that have been grown for consumption.