Surprise your patio with Mandevilla

It’s time to get floral

The Ice Saint days which traditionally bring a cold snap - have passed, the sun has finally emerged in the sky and it’s high time you brought a touch of spring to your patio. The Mandevilla, Garden Plant of the Month for May, is the sunniest candidate for that.

Surprise your patio with Mandevilla

Reasons for choosing Mandevilla

A host of benefits: blooming white, yellow, pink or red trumpets, sturdy leaves that gleam with delight, roots in Latin America and always up for a good climb. And it’s all on show. Give the Mandevilla a bit of tender loving care and she’ll grow into a sizeable Brazilian beauty. And if you want to encourage her ambitions, give her a climbing frame and a bit of space. Remove wilted flowers, give the plant some water and a gentle massage and it’ll keep flowering lavishly until October. 

Have we persuaded you? In that case go and discover the Mandevilla at the florist, plant shop or garden centre.