Six summer plants with wonderful scents

The best summer plants around

Hooray, summer has arrived! Let's make the most of the radiant sun and the abundance of greenery. Our to do list include reading magazines, relaxing and eating outdoors as much as possible. If you also make sure that you're surrounded by wonderfully fragrant plants, your own home feels just like your favourite holiday destination. Want to know which plants are the best ones to choose? Take a look at these deliciously scented specimens. 

The best summer plants |
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A true classic, you can't beat lavender. It's not only beautiful, but also wonderfully fragrant - although it only releases its scent when touched. Therefore, it's important the lavender is in an easily accessible place, so that you can rub your fingers along the leaves every time you walk by to soak up the summer. We have an alternative to the frumpy scented bag with which you make your house smell like lavender. This plant thrives in sun and not too much water.


From June to September, jasmine is the most beautiful plant around as it's at this time that the plant is packed with strong-smelling white flowers. You do have to make sure that you place this climber on the ground, or in a large pot against a rack, wall or fence. Then you will see that the climbing jasmine does its job best.

Eucalyptus (Gunni) 

The leaves of the Eucalyptus are round and grow perfectly symmetrically around the stem. They give off a strong, fresh scent that keeps insects away. The Eucalyptus flowers after about four years. The plant usually grows 1 to 3 meters high, with ambitious plants hitting up to 5 meters.


The Plumbago is a herbaceous climbing plant, which with a little help goes up in height. It can grow up to 3.5 meters high in the ground and blooms with beautiful blue or white flowers that grow on a gracefully curved stem. There are also varieties that are grown on a stem, mainly container plants. The Plumbago is available from March to July and flowers well into autumn.


Catnip is a hardy plant, best suited to dry soil and blooms from June through September. Place it in a spot in the sun or partial shade, and your garden will soon become an attraction for all of the cute cats in your neighbourhood. 


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