The trendiest houseplants of the moment

Which one is your favourite?

The new style trend announces the trending plants of the moment. We can tell you now that it will be hard to choose your top pick. From fresh green foliage to colourful leaves, from old favourites to new faces: which of these green friends will soon adorn your living room?

De trendplanten van het moment
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blue star fern

On the far left, we see the majestic blue star fern. This plant has beautiful slightly curled leaves with a blue-grey glow. Very chic and totally in line with the Collecting Memories style trend.


In the tropics, Ficus is considered a sacred tree. Buddha is said to have found spiritual enlightenment under a Ficus religiosa. Such a specimen would be fabulous for your home if you're trying to love yourself more. There are lots of varieties of Ficus, so there'll always be one that suits you. For example Ficus Anouk, Ficus Benjamina, Ficus Binnendijkii, Ficus Cyathistipula, Ficus Ginseng and Ficus Lyrata.


Incas, Aztecs and Mayans used just about every part of the Bromeliad for food, protection, fibres and ceremonies, so much so that Bromelia is considered to be a 'gift from the gods' in its places of origin. As a houseplant, Bromeliad represents 'protection', a reference to the full, green leaves that surround the beautiful coloured part. Totally in line with Collecting Memories.


Did you know that the anthurium emigrated from the rainforests of South America to Europe in 1857? It travelled with Austrian physician and botanist Dr Karl van Scherzer, who couldn't wait to introduce the Anthurium to an even wider audience. We know anthurium as an eccentric, bright plant thanks to its colourful bracts.

norfolk island pine

The rightmost plant in the photo is the Norfolk Island pine. This fresh green plant is used as an alternative to a Christmas tree in December. Thanks to its beautiful tiered of branches, it's ideal for hanging Christmas baubles and lights, and brings fresh greenness all year round.


On the bottom right, we see an old acquaintance. Hello, hydrangea! Did you know that this plant contributes to good levels of indoor humidity? Complaints such as dry skin, headaches and dry eyes decrease when you keep this plant in your house. This beautiful hydrangea wreath will make you even happy, indoors or out!


These houseplants are a perfect fit for the style trend of the moment, Collecting Memories. Want to know more about this style trend or discover which garden plants are part of it? Read more here, and check out our article on colour therapy using plants. For your daily dose of green inspiration, follow us on InstagramFacebook and Pinterest.