It’s the word on the street
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We’re tired of perfect filters, had enough of strict rules and stereotypes. We’re smashing cultural norms and glass ceilings, making more noise than ever. Empowered, we take to the streets, seeking freedom, authenticity, and raw imperfection. The power for change comes from the unconventional, experimental and high contrast urban environment. Can you handle life in the city?


The City Life trend announces its presence in our homes with a shout. Rules fly out the window. Characterised by street art, shopfront lettering and building materials, in this trend the artificial and the real are mixed just as seamlessly as fresh and painted plants and flowers. The high contrast energy is inspired by attention-grabbing billboard slogans and road markings that draw the eye. It's unorthodox, but fits well in this busy world.


This trend is equally bold in the garden. Rules are set aside, so the possibilities are endless. Recycled materials are combined with a jumble of materials, and hard elements alternate with signposts. You can find plants in unexpected places, pushing between pavement cracks or in the gutter, in an urban jungle takeover.


Think of City Life as groundbreaking neon streetwear — near-ubiquitous in the world of fashion — extended into our homes. Its industrial, technological shapes may once have been used for a different purpose, and the materials developed for a different goal: corrugated sheeting, perforated metal and warning signs reoccur frequently. Colours are strong like hi-vis yellow, and clash or demand attention. Alongside the riot of noise, tarmac grey slides smoothly, the colour of the streets. Graphic designs are expressed as graffiti, pictograms and drip and spot patterns with an accidental feel.


A few simple additions and adjustments will bring your interior up to date, so you can forgo the paint rollers and hazard tape. Paint a terracotta pot with line markings in black, white and yellow and fill it with bright flowering plants like sunflowers. Reuse waste rubber and old cans as vases, transforming them into eye-catching objects with graffiti tags. Fill with a bouquet of painted Monstera leaves, large feathers and anthurium for anything-goes style. Another statement option is painting the leaves of Alocasia with bright colours to create a work of art. 


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We’d love to see your creations inspired by the City Life trend. Share your planting with us using the hashtag #thejoyofplants.